Hello world!


Welcome to my first round of blogging!

This is a seasonal journal of life at our homestead- Herbhome Farm.



    We are into Fall already- leaves are turning , winds and rain are cleaning house- most of the trees have dropped their leaves, only the Beech and Red Oak are still truly hanging onto them. Moon is waxing fuller – sky is very clear tonight… some of our native plants are really confused by the ups and downs of temperature that has been happening- Wild St. John’s Wort is trying to bloom, Wild Geese flew over in mid October- saw a large flock of migrating robins a few days back. The sky is that exquisite shade of blue that only occurs in the Fall.

      As a falconer , the sight if two Bald Eagles flying behind the Boxley Mill was so ooo exciting! I have seen Golden Eagles on the Mill pond ,often, but seldom see Balds this  close to home. I had to travel to Fayetteville a few days ago and saw 19 “Immy’s”  -immature Redtail Hawks-the cold front must have pushed them on down…


    Hiked twice to Hawksbill Crag this month. It is a well loved place of power- sadly there were huge masses of people there. I felt very mixed feelings- joy that so many people are learning to love nature as we do. Yet the influx of people caused  by our folks that promote tourists cause so much damage to these treasures- wear and tear on the trails , damage to native plants and the very disturbing noise levels..’ I truly miss the solitude that was ours here in the County for so many years. It was huge numbers were overwhelming..

Agh, well. Times change and if we are to survive, we must find a balance in it all. I only wish that pursuit of money hadn’t been such a motivator for these folks. One side of me really admires their work and the fact that they are capable of creating that interest. Another side wants to scream at them for ruining our world for greed…

So , back to practicalities- getting wood up on the porch, being sure we have enough food stored to get through a spell of bad weather…checking the sheds for the livestock for wind protection, being sure the hounds have warm quarters  for the cold.

The quilt fever is on me now- made four over the last month… yarn is calling to me when I am in the store…


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